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WORK enables persons to exchange work, without the use of money. The work can be of any kind


Any person can use WORK, whether they want work to be done, or they want to work. An inventory of WORK, the location of the persons who offer the work, and the description of the task, will be listed in Manual for WORK. The manual is continuously updated at

Using WORK:

By submitting information about the work that needs to be done or the work offered to, this information will be distributed through Manual for WORK at Agreements about the work must be made between the persons involved.

Attention is directed to the logical relation between persons and the rights of persons. Persons should be treated as persons and therefore as having rights. If we deny this postulate it goes wrong: here is a person, but this person should not be treated as a person, or: here is a person, who should be treated as a person, but not as having rights. Therefore we can only talk about persons in a way that makes sense if we know that persons have rights

Expanding WORK:

WORK can be expanded by anybody who wants to work or who wants work to be done Any person can set up parallell WORK systems by collecting and distributing information about WORK themselves


The manual is continuously updated at

WORK activities:

WORK has just been published.

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