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TRASHTHINGS is an accumulation of different functional systems based preferably on trash materials


The western society produces enormous amounts of waste. In addition to this, various unwanted bi- products are produced that are just disposed of instead of being used,. The negative impact on our environment is a fact. If we can find ways of recycling and using our waste it would mean less pollution. Anything from used cars to bi- products from the industry or farming could be used as materials and take care of various needs The more things persons can construct themselves, using what is considered being trash, the less they have to rely on supplies from large corporations. And the less persons support such corporations. Large corporations are large concentrations of power and large concentrations of power do not necessarily respect persons rights. Read more about this at:


TRASHTHINGS are constructed at no or diminutive costs but the invested work


The IDEABANK is a public archive containing ideas for things we are working on realizing and ideas contributed from other persons. Please share ideas and email them to for publication at

TRASH THINGS examples:


ITIREDOME, Copenhagen

TIREDOME was constructed together with students at the Danish school of design. The aim was to construct a functional living unit for 4 persons with no costs. The planning and construction should be done within 5 days The TIREDOME was setup in public space and stayed there for a longer period. It proved to work very well.

Tires were donated by a local car repair shop.

Plastic bags were used to make the dome waterproof.

Paper and used clothes was used as insulation material

A woodstove was constructed with materials donated by workers at a nearby building site.

A table and bed were made from a disposed closet and pillows were made out of legs from used trousers sewn together.


A cooking place was established outside and old pans etc was found and recycled

A toilet was made out of tires and a plastic bag.

We suggest that areas around in the city spaces should be designated for per-sons who wants to build in ways like the TIREDOME free of building regulations and the influence of large concentrations of power on their daily lives.


A pile of trashed old bikes were transformed into new bikes with very little effort In London 2006:

Can easily transport a load of 150 kgs

Instant tandem bicycle


A washing machine was made from : Tape, a plastic pipe and a water dispenser. Special soap to be used at low water temperatures was added to the water to clean the clothes properly. Go for a walk and wash your clothes! Or drag it behind a bike:

WASHING MACHINE made from water dispenser, tape and plastick pipe.

WATER CARRIER made from water dispesers and plastic pipes:

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