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SUSPENDED PLATFORM at LAND position: N 52° 18' 19,7" E 005° 32' 11,7". Zeewolde, The Nederlands 2001.


The SUSPENDED PLATFORM is a modular, lightweight and low-cost system that enables persons to live in for example a forest, in mountains, or between buildings. It uses existing structures to carry its load Three persons can easily transport a basic living version for up to four persons It could be installed in a short time, though this will depend on the conditions of the site. The system can easily be extended to support more persons and functions.


The SUSPENDED PLATFORM consists of 3 basic modules: A core module, a sleeping module and a water supply module. Other modules like garden modules, etc., can be added The modules are constructed partly from a space lattice system of stainless acid resistant steel (see manual for N55 SPACEFRAME), which combines optimal strength with low weight, partly from polyethylene tanks and acrylic textiles.
High quality rope, aluminium lightweight tackles and snap-hooks are used for the suspension system.

Core Module:

The core module is a rigid platform of steel. It supplies the users with a kitchen function, a storage function, tables, a place to sit, a bath function and a toilet function Transparent plates of polycarbonate fixed to the bottom of the module work as footrests. Furthermore the platform is equipped with a hoist. The core module can be entered from all sides by using different devices like ladders, climbing equipment or a simple rope.

Core Module: Kitchen, seats, tables, toilet, shower, storage, handgrips, suspension system, hoist.

Sleeping Module:

The Sleeping Module is made of two different textiles. The upper part, which functions as a cover, is waterproof, and the lower part enables the body to breathe The sleeping module works both with and without a cover. By pulling a line, the textile is lifted to make a roof-like cover. The sleeping module is entered via the core module to which it is fixed with a rope.

Sleeping Module: Rubber cups are fixed to each end to prevent rain from seeping in.

Water Supply Module:

Rainwater is collected by the triangular sail and runs through hoses to the two water tanks They function as reservoirs for cold and heated water for the bath and the kitchen The water tanks hang from wheels so that they can easily be moved to the desired position The black tank provides hot water from direct solar heating The water supply module should be placed higher than the core module for water pressure.

Water Collecter: Acrylic sheet collects rain water. The water is directed to the water tanks through a hose


The SUSPENDED PLATFORM is made from very durable materials. However, some maintenance is required for safety reasons The ropes should be changed after 5 years of use or if there is any kind of local damage. The same goes for snap-hooks and tackles The sleeping modules are made from acrylic textiles to improve UV resistance. But eventually, the textiles will deteriorate and should be renewed.

Hand grips:

Rubber strips are fixed to the corners for a good grip. They mark where to load the construction.

Cooking equipment and table:

Alcohol provides heat for cooking.


One of the corners can be used to sit in.


A plastic tank with a watertight lid provides room for storage.


Plates of polycarbonate are attached to the core module.


The toilet consist of a plastic tank, plastic bags and a lid. The bags can be removed or left in the tank to compost.

Suspension system:

The core module is suspended from eyebolts fixed to all corners of the construction. The ropes are tightened to trees or to another carrying structure. Half of the ropes are tied to points at lower levels than the platform in order to stabilise its movements. Two kinds of knots are used: bowline knots at the snap hooks and figure eight knots at the points of suspension.


The hoist can be used for transporting things to the core module.

Garden module:

The two tank halves can be used for growing plants inside.

Water tanks:

For cold water and solar heated water.

Component list:

Core Module:
Triangle 60 x 60 cm and struts in stainless, acid-resistant steel AISI 316 L, bolts and nuts M6, 2 pc black octahedron PE- tanks, 90 l, 7 pc 10 mm polycarbonate triangles, rubber strips, alcohol burner, pots and kettles.

Water Supply Module:
Struts in stainless, acid-resistant steel AISI 316 L, plastic hose and couplings, triangular sail with sides 2.4 m, 2 pc octahedron polyethylene tanks.

Sleeping Modules:
Acrylic textile 3 x 3 m with reinforced holes.

Garden Module:
Struts in stainless, acid-resistant steel AISI 316 L, 1 pc octahedron PE-tank.

Suspension system:
650 mm x M8 thread rod in acid resistant stainless steel, bolts and nuts M8, nylon rope 11 mm, aluminium shackles and snap-hooks.

SUSPENDED PLATFORM, Quintusholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark 2001.

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