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FUND is a fund through which persons finance each other’s activities.


Each FUND is composed of a limited number of persons (maximum 12). If the numbers exceed this limit, additional FUNDs should be organized Each person contributes a sum of money agreed upon between the persons participating, at certain intervals, for example every month. All contributors in turn get the possibility to have their activities financed for a period by the other persons. The contributions are submitted directly to the person who is in turn to receive funding. This person decides exclusively how to use it. The activities can be carried out by single persons or with the support of other participants The FUND exists for one cycle, where after it is decided whether to organize another.


Most funds are based on the principle of competition or exclusion and represent large concentrations of capital. FUND offers the possibility to collaborate on financing each other’ s activities by accumulating money temporarily.

Using FUND:

Every group of participants administrate their version of FUND by themselves. The system can be renamed, shaped and modified to fit the participants.

Expanding FUND:

Anybody can expand FUND by setting up their own versions of FUND.

FUND activities:

N55 are initiating a version of FUND. Persons or groups of persons who want to participate can be included by writing an email to

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