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COMMUNAL BAKERY, Rotterdam, 2010


COMMUNAL BAKERY is a system that provides facility for the production of bread. A copy of COMMUNAL BAKERY can be established in any local community where persons want to share the activity of producing bread.


COMMUNAL BAKERY is constructed mainly from plywood plates or similar. It can easily be assembled by anybody with a minimum of building experience. It consists of six basic modules: Storage unit for baking ingredients, storage unit for kitchen tools, sink unit (possibly with water tanks), oven unit, bread cooling unit and one unit of flexible space. The oven needed for the system could be a recycled standard oven powered by gas or electricity depending on local options. The COMMUNAL BAKERY can be situated both inside existing buildingsor outdoors. A central lighting element provides a minimum of light
during night time.


Concentrations of power control most means of production. As a result persons are being alienated from the most basic processes related to maintaining everyday life. In this case the baking of bread. Often the production of bread takes place in large-scale industrialized settings far removed from the tactile process originally associated with hands making bread. This causes increased pollution due to the need for transportation, and the centralization of production in large facilities increases the risk of persons being exploited. The complex nature of the method of production increases the distance between producer and consumer and makes it more likely that consequences are not considered and consumers do not feel responsible. Concentrations of power force persons to concentrate on participating in competition and power games in order to create a social position for themselves. Concentrations of power are nourished by the illusion that competition is better than collaboration. It is necessary to collaborate and share means of production if we want to organize ourselves in as small concentrations of power as possible.


N55 suggests that local agreements are made on how to use the COMMUNAL BAKERY. Persons in one area might agree to buy a shared amount of ingredients or prefer to bring ingredients separately and just share the COMMUNAL BAKERY itself.

By N55 in collaboration with Anne Romme



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