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Visualization of SEEDERS & FEEDERS, 2011


SEEDERS & FEEDERS is a combined system made to encourage biodiversity in various local environments. The SEEDERS are dynamic autonomous structures that powered by the wind distributes plant seeds randomly. The ball shaped lattice- structure rolls over the surface while spreading the seeds from a container suspended in the center. If pushed by a person, the SEEDERS can also be used to spread seeds intensionally in a specific area. The FEEDERS are static structures, anchored to the ground in specific areas.
Various foods for birds, mammals etc are stored inside the FEEDER and dispensed to the local wildlife.


The main structure of SEEDERS and FEEDERS is a 3-frequency version of a geodesic sphere. Geodesic spheres are highly efficient structures that enclose maximum volume with minimal surface area and can be incredibly strong and rigid using a minimal amount of material. The spherical surface allows for the structure to be transported by simply rolling it, without special machinery or excessive force. The minimal use of materials ensures minimal resistance from both wind and the ground.The SEEDERS and FEEDERS have been built using just one dimension of hollow aluminum tubes. A 3-frequency sphere requires three different strut lengths. The prober
amount of struts are cut using a metal saw. To connect the tubes at the ends they are simply flattened with a hammer and a hole is drilled. The flattened ends are then bent by hand in a slight angle to allow for the connection of five and six axis as prescribed by the geometry. The SEEDERS are equipped with a centrally suspended SPACEPLATES ball made from thin, perforated aluminum plates. The hole size is calibrated to allow seeds to slowly pass through. A lid enables refilling of the container. Stainless steel wires are used for the suspension. If the SEEDERS has to move in very rough terrain, a number of small sails can be suspended between the wires to facilitate mobility.


Most of the worlds farming areas are dominated by industrial farming and hereby the production of mono-cultures. As a result of this, a lot of plants are disappearing and animal habitats are being destroyed. The diversity of species are also very limited in the urban and suburban landscapes.


Any person can supply the SEEDERS and FEEDERS with seeds and food for the animals. Precautions should be taken to avoid spreading invasive plant species in a local environment. If the SEEDERS get stuck in places, occasionally persons are required to assist the movement to make the system work properly.

Technical specifications:

Basic structure:
Diameter: 3 m
Weight: 40 kg
Component list:
210 meters aluminum tubing (20mm diameter, 1mm wall-thickness)
Perforated aluminum plates, 2mm, ca. 2 m2
Nuts and bolts
Rubber sealant
Stainless steel wires
Hay and other types of food for animals

By N55 in collaboration with Anne Romme

Thanks to:
Lene Slot Hansen and Thom Garvin

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