SHOP situations

BOOKSHOP, a version of SHOP, was realized at Apexart in New York, USA in 2003, in collaboration with Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt. The organizers furnished the room according to instructions from N55.

BOOKSHOP, New York, USA 2003. Used chairs, tables, bookshelves and lamps. Visitors had access to books, internet articles, newspaper cuttings and documentaries.

SHOP, Iasi, Romania 2003. An N55 version of SHOP was realized at the Turkish Bath in Iasi in collaboration with Oana Felipov. Visitors had access to publications, toys, drawings, clothes, tools and things to swap.

SHOP, Iasi, Romania 2003.

SHOP, Iasi, Romania 2003.

MINISHOP, Les Arques, France 2003

MINISHOP, Quintusholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark 2003

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