It´s in fact so, that the human strategy of survival is the power of anticipation. The power of anticipation is synthetic by nature and causes formation of lingustic, technological and abstract behaviour. It's in fact so, that humans survive by a synthetic behaviour.

....the power of anticipation takes into account non-humanities in order to realize what has to be; if what has to be is different from what is and what has been humans must calculate on non-humanities. Otherwise, what has to be would equalize what is and what has been....

In respect for lack of knowledge regarding non-humanities (and in respect for simple fever) we will argue that humans, when they anticipate what has to be, make use of total-syntheses on non-humanities. (Total-syntheses are all-embracing anticipations; absolute environments for humans to anticipate themselves.) During hard times of reflection we've decided to anticipate the total-syntetic behaviour of humans as varieties of three environmental standards:

Evolution we call it, when non-humanities are fundamental powers in this world, determining the never-ending processes of human formation: Humans are mutations of the non-human, and consequently humans (but not their world) will be passed by time.

Revolution is the case, when humans constantly transcend, conquer and abolish themselves - when human nature is to become something else by own will. The human destiny is the non-human; another world formed by the human will to form itself.
Revelation takes place, when humans and their world are effect of eternal potency; non-humanities are to human experience pure abstraction, but at the same time positive reality in relation to humans and their world.

....why it's an euforic experience to be simple, I can't say....

....I'm in this world to generate knowledge of this world's new world....

It's possible to experience non-humanities. (I'm not refering to total-synthetic experience, as this is nothing but experience of the absolute environments of anticipation; experience of meaning, value and identity.) I'm refering to experience of formation of what has to be, what is and what has been. I'm refering to linguistic, technological and abstract action. Experience of being language, technology and abstraction. (These structures are not in themselves non-human. They work as a kind of glue, connecting what has to be, what is and what has been.) I'm refering to a synthetic practice; a blend of thought and action that enables us to be part of the plasma that forms what has to be, what is and what has been.

....let's get simple....

It has in fact to be so, that the plasma of anticipation operates in this world independent of humans themselves. We find that human anticipation often represents the will of this plasma itself; humans are able to realize non-humanities and thus find themselves simultaneously stunned and enlightened in this world. We call this: Experience of this world's new world....

Søren Andreasen

Growing up we are taught that we are not in the center of the world.

It is an illusion that we are not in the center of the world.

Let´s decellerate for a moment. First of all we have to realize we are all idiots.

Why is that?

Otherwise we all would just go on as usual.

But why idiots?

Because we all think of ourselves as rational beings that act rationally.

And this is not the case?

We allow concentrations of power to characterize our society. Concentrations of power do not always respect the rights of persons. Concentrations of power force people to concentrate on participating in competition and power games, to create a social position for themselves. Concurrently with the concentrations of power dominating our conscious mind and being decisive to our situations, the significance of our fellow humans diminishes. And our own signification becomes the signification we have for concentrations of power, the growth of concentrations of power and the conflicts of concentrations of power. We think of ourselves as rational beings, and at the same time we abolish ourselves. This seems kind of idiotic.

I have never thought of that before!

Excellent. Your notion of the world is now changing. Thus your experience of the world is changing. You are now able to change the situation. You are on your way to a new world. It is that simple.

Then what do we do now?

Concentrate on what is decisive, which is finding ways of organising implying the smallest concentrations of power possible. Finding ways of life and action in accordance with what we know, respecting persons and that which is significant to them. Telling what we know. Changing our surroundings. Creating a new world.
Sounds very naïve!

Could you think of anything more important to do?

Eh, no!
But who says you are right?

Concentrations of power do no not always respect the rights of persons. If one denies this fact one gets: concentrations of power do always respect the rights of persons. This does not correspond with our experiences. If we deny facts, we no longer know what we are talking about. It is simply right that concentrations of power do not always respect the rights of persons
Anything goes - everything is relative!

This is one of our worst habitual conceptions. We do not think that there is such a thing as right and wrong. We believe that there exists only conventions and subjective opinions. But in fact there exists right and wrong postulates. Otherwise we would not be able to talk rationally to each other.
Objective knowledge is that which cannot be denied. If we take language seriously we will be able to decide whether something is right or wrong. There are facts and there are logical relations which we cannot dismiss except by the reduction of ourselves into complete idiots.

Ok, let´s move on.

Ion Sørvin

Photograph by Maria Gotthard.

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